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Post by Frances Donne » Mon Nov 23, 2020 12:40 am

Neo-paganism would like to turn the Ten Commandments and htop hat all of Judeo-Christian morality into some alleged intolerable violence, and indeed its primary objective is their complete abolition. Faithful observance of the moral law is perceived s complicity with the forces of persecution that are essentially religious. Since the Christian denominations have become only tardily aware of their failings in charity, their connivance with established political orders in the past and present world that are always "sacrificial," they are particularly vulnerable to the ongoing blackmail of contemporary neo-paganism.

Neo-paganism locates happiness in the unlimited satisfaction of desires, which means the suppression of all prohibitions. This idea acquires a semblance of credibility in the limited domain of consumer goods, who prodigious multiplication, thanks to technological progress, weakens certain mimetic rivalries. The weakening of mimetic rivalries confers an appearance of plausibility, but only that, on the stance cowboy hat that turns the moral law into an instrument of repression and persecution.

This is what Girard calls the "other totalitarianism." If you're a Christian believer, your faith tradition should have prepared you to read these particular signs of the times. Let the reader understand.I suppose in a self-created bubble, cowboy hats people with accusatory opinions like these don't know that there are millions of immigrants and naturalized citizens whodon't support illegal immigration. When I worked in California, I was surprised to find citizen and legal immigrant Hispanic workers at companies who regarded illegals as scabs competing for their jobs at lower rates of pay than are needed for lawful survival in America.

If you appeal to my self-interest or use reason, we can have a conversation. I'm open to new and radical ideas. But I'm not going to upend my life, or my world, just because you santa hat have a fundamentally unprovable problem. "We need to undo modernity because something something spiritual emptiness" is a platform for a really tiny political party.Our architecture, our music, our literature, our art, our films have all declined. Regular, indeed uneducated people, used to have a better knowledge of texts that have stood the test of time, primarily the Bible; now whatever s*** has the biggest marketing budget is the substitute for those previous forms of shared cultural touchstones.

As to Nietzche's Last Man problem, what are the possible solutions? Liberals and conservatives each have their own views on the cause of *What is wrong with the world today*. Conservatives have: too much government, not a free enough market, corruption of societies values, loss of a cohesive sense of culture, too many immigrants, and the elites are purposely destroying us for their own gain. Liberals have: Crony capitalism, institutional racism, too free of a market, straight up racism, consumer culture, separation of workers from the means of production, and the elites are purposely destroying us for their own gain.

I'm sure I missed some on both, but the dominant fedora hat view of conservatives (not a free enough market) is just too close to my view of the source of the problem for me.Elijah, I say this in real sorrow, but what are the odds the "anti-Catholic morons" are correct (your three epithets cover a lot of ground)? Even odds? Three to five? That's why this call for Dolan to excommunicate Cuomo is so farcical. There is nothing any Catholic priest or (especially) bishop can say in the public square after last summer's events that warrants the smallest bit of attention Image from anybody, least of all Catholics whom they have betrayed.

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