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Boston beat the Nuggets in the familiar haunts of TD Garden -- can they do it again on the road?Oklahoma City Thunder Design Face Coverings

All told, Porzingis has missed 32 of 106 games over two regular seasons with the Mavericks, who acquired him with the hope of making him the sidekick to star point guard Luka Doncic. Porzingis also missed half of the six games during a first-round playoff loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in August.


And, while there have been recent signs of Walker returning to form -- he dropped 32 points on the Pacers last week, part of a stretch that has seen him average 23.2 PPG over his past five games -- he still is shooting 38.5% overall and 35.7% from deep, numbers that better resemble his early Charlotte Bobcats days than his All-Star credentials with the Hornets.Brooklyn Nets Design Face Coverings

Two years ago, Kyrie Irving went to the All-Star game in Charlotte, got videotaped having a hallway conversation with Kevin Durant and internet sleuths swore he was saying, “two max slots,” suggesting the two were plotting their Brooklyn dash. The speculation about Irving's future sent the already spiraling 2018-19 Celtics into a full tailspin, culminating with Irving fully checking out as Boston lost four straight games to the Bucks and got bounced in Round 2 of the playoffs.

The Boston Celtics have very obviously regressed since their bubble experience last season. Many NBA fans expected the team to be championship contenders at the season’s start but just over a week away from the All-Star Game, the Celtics do not appear to be in good shape at all. The C’s are currently 15-17 and in ninth place in the mediocre Eastern Conference.New York Knicks Design Face Coverings

“I'm an analytical guy. I look at the numbers. I look at who's in front of us (in the standings),” Thad Young said after Wednesday’s shootaround. “I look at our schedule and I've seen months where we can kind of take care of business and really push some leeway and some gaps in between us and other teams.”NBA Design Face Masks | NBA Design Face Coverings
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"We play chaotic, and in years past it's been organized chaos: Everyone knows where to be, and it's all kind of second nature," Curry says. "It's about knowing each other's patterns. Usually we just automatically make those reads, but to do that, it's about chemistry. You gotta see the picture as it unfolds to know where to be and where the ball should go."


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