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Verdugo was referring to comments Ortiz made recently in the Boston Globe bemoaning the sport's three-true-outcomes death spiral that produces nightly four-hour displays of monotony.San Diego Padres MLB Design Face Coverings

“We talked about him competing against himself, just trying to be the best version next time around, and that’s what we saw today, just a better Jacob deGrom.”

So far, so good between top prospect Matt Manning and pitching coach Chris Fetter. The 23-year-old is likely to start the season in Triple-A Toledo, but it likely won't be long before he reaches the majors.

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"I always remember that live BP session and you can come out of those things feeling really good or really bad," manager David Ross said. "I don’t know if I ever hit a home run in live BP, so that had to feel good off the bat and that ball was crushed."Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Design Face Coverings


I love the Hendriks signing -- there are few sure-thing closers going right now, and he has been the best over the past two seasons -- and the Lynn trade, although I'm lukewarm on Eaton. Lynn pitched 208 innings in 2019 and his 84 innings led the majors in 2020 (he finished with a 3.32 ERA for the Rangers and was at 2.53 until he allowed 10 runs in his final start). Having that kind of workhorse alongside Lucas Giolito and Dallas Keuchel gives the White Sox a strong 1-2-3 in the rotation. Eaton is 32 and hit just .232/.285/.384 for the Nationals and his defense is no longer a plus, but he grinds at-bats, something the younger White Sox hitters can learn from him. I'm just not sure how much he has left in the tank.Houston Astros MLB Design Face Coverings

“And so to be on that side with him now is something that I definitely appreciate and look forward to – hopefully getting to know him a lot better and, gaining a better understanding as to why he is able to stay healthy and do all those things that he’s still able to do.”Cincinnati Reds MLB Design Face Coverings

A little less than three years after her tearful epiphany in Brooks’ office, Smith has taken strides toward making her unlikely dream a reality. Last month, the Boston Red Sox hired the 29-year-old as a Minor League coach, making her the first Black woman to serve as a coach in professional baseball history.